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About me

me as a child

From a young age, I have always been fascinated by computers. From a young age I've always had a curiousity on how programs to websites were written. In the beginning of my childhood I started playing video games such as Maplestory, which was written in C++ and Club Penguin, which was written in Javascript. In school I always accelerated when it came to computer applications due to my interest in it. When it came to highschool, thankfully, my school had a lineup of computer courses to take. After highschool I decided to enroll in a Computer Science program to complete my studies. At Langara I learned multiple coding languages such as HTML/CSS and Javascript, Java, C++, and MySQL. As of now I have decided to end my journey at Langara and go to BCIT for New Media Design and Web Development.

My Past

map of taiwan landmarks

Although I was born in Canada my cultural background is from Taiwan. In 1985 my grandparents sent my mom and my uncle to study in Montreal. After they finished their education the family decided as a whole to move to Canada. Both my parents originate from Taiwan, one from Taipei, the capital and one from Taichung in the centre of Taiwan. When I was younger and my grandma was still alive we would visit Taiwan every summer. Although not being used to the climate I would mostly resort to staying in the house with the A/C on. But when the sunset we would slowly explore Taiwan and what it has to offer (soo much food). Craziest part was visiting relatives I never knew I had who live all over Taiwan. Now in the present I rarely have the time to go to Taiwan and looking back I really have only seen a small percentage of what Taiwan has to offer.

My Future


After studying New Media Design & Web Development one my dreams is to open a e-commerce site for cannabis and penetrate the cannabis industry and hopefully have a dispensary in Richmond. Richmond is one of the highest population of Asian people who are conservatives. With this I hope I can change the stigma of cannabis towards the Asian population. Most Asian people who live in Richmond are people who have immigrated recently and in Asia the law for Cannabis is higly illegal, which is also gives them the stigma that Cannabis is bad, but that's not the case and studies have shown that there are worse things out there including alchohol and caffeine.