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Interests & Hobbies


My Love for sports started with volleyball as my older brother played. I watched him hoping one day I could be as good as him.

cypress mtn


I started snowboarding as a school trip little did I know I would start wishing winter would come by sooner. I've snowboarded at Cypress, Grouse, Seymour, and Blackcomb, but my top pick for a mountain would be Cypress.


I started playing volleyball in grade 7 right after seeing my brother start playing. As soon as I got into highschool I joined a team and we made provincials every year.


Rugby was more of an aggresive sport countless injuries have occured from the game but that made me like it even more. It was a stress reliever from school and because I was taller and bigger i exceled in the sport. Although I only started playing near the end of highschool I have been playing outside of highschool even now.


smart home

Starting from when I was a kid I have always loved how technology worked especially the language and the hardware. Growing up we had a theatre room, which I would always tamper with and now I have created a perfect system wich is powered by Google and their home services. Starting with our theatre room I expanded and eventually made my home a smart home. Starting with light switches and locks, I also added Google assistant everywhere in the house


drone picture

I loved taking pictures as a child, everywhere we went I would take pictures to keep the memory that we were there at some point. This inspired me to take photography at school, which eventually led to me buying a photography drone (I crashed it). When I had free time I would often go out and take photos of the city and sometimes people.

Movies & Anime

Top 3 Movies & Animes

# Movies Animes
1 Marvel: Infinity War Sword Art Online
2 The Great Gatsby One Punch Man
3 Interstellar Attack on Titan

I loved watching films when I was kid especially with my dad. Films give a bigger picture and increase your imagination. One of the biggest franchises I love is Marvel. Probably just the way everything is connected in one universe. Another genre of film I like is anime the amount of creativity and action is crazy and it makes you want to watch even more.